Saturday, 11 October 2014

Seeking Sewing Inspiration: Ted Baker

When it comes to finding inspiration for sewing projects, I often look to my favourite labels. If it's something I love enough and consider it truly unique (exclusive print/complex design) I will outright buy it. But often, I have epiphany's of all manner of creative ways I could interpret the design for myself, and pick and choose which elements I like and then start calculating how I could create the look I want. My favourite labels including Ted, and Australian-based Alannah Hill and Review feature one thing in common, significant attention to detail and modern interpretations of vintage styles.

Each have had an impact on something I have sewn, whether it be a colour, a fabric or embellishment. However the recent obsession with Ted has began mostly due to frequenting the stores at any chance when I was in London, and the fortunate opening of a boutique in my capital city. As Ted's online store does not ship to Australia this has opened up the doors for me. Unlike the obvious exaggerated embellishment of Alannah Hill, or blatant retro-inspired styles of Review, Ted's attention to detail is subtle. The label's designs are clean, and deceptively simple. With features such as engraved buttons with branding etc. PLUS, adorable punny quotes and comments on the labels of their products. Eg. The inside of my phone case says "Consider yourself protected" Adorbs!! 

But my current inspiration is for a monochrome bow shift dress inspired by both of these 60's-esque Ted Baker styles:

Top: Ted Baker Josa Bow Detail Dress
Bottom: Ted Baker Temberl Beaded Bow Tunic

I intend to use Simplicity 1609 (again)  a 1960's Jiffy pattern, featuring the bow this time.

Stay tuned to see the results!