Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Blog Renovation!

As you would likely have noticed, my blog has undergone a pretty significant makeover. Namely because I have made so many new things - yet have not blogged about any of them. Why? I thought about why for a long time... was is apathy? stress? too busy? the fact that I was thinking for so long about why? Not that you will care - but hey, it's my blog so I'll tell you anyway! :p No... I think it's that I just didn't like my blog. Visually. It was impersonal, generic and ultimately "blah". It was a layout direct from the blogger vault and it represented nothing about me personally or creatively. It struck me that is was quite a paradox to have a blog about creativity when the very blog itself was far from it. So I've taken it into my own hands to create some nifty new visuals that are uniquely me in the sense that I have created them myself and that they reflect the farrago and miscellany of my life. As garish as they may be - not to mention predominantly pink - a colour I have both despised and feared at various points throughout my life (figure out that one Dr. Phil).
There is still work to be done of course - but it is all uphill from here (I hope). Keep a sharp eye for fresh posts of creative goodies and my rambling annotations (of pure awesomeness!).

Until then!