Thursday, 18 December 2014

New Look 6107 - Misses Sportswear - (Basic Skirt)

Hello internet folks!

I'm in the process of making another pattern (TBA later) which is driving me up the wall. I wanted a quick and simple one-day job to give me the sewing satisfaction I craved. 

I chose to make a simple skirt using New Look 6107.
I liked the simple darts, waistband as well as the below-knee length.

I was inspired to make something yellow after seeing some lovely yellow skirts from Review's Spring collection, and the realisation that I did not actually own any yellow clothing.

A couple of inspiration pieces:

As it turned out, I had in my fabric stash a quilting cotton with a floral yellow print. I'm not a huge fan of using quilting cotton for clothing as it tends to wrinkly pretty badly, yet the busy print of this one seemed to disguise that trouble.

I cut a size 16, although it probably would have been a better, more precise fit with a 14. 
The pattern is unlined but I chose to add a lining using a white Italian anti-static lining.

I followed the hem allowance precisely, yet the dress still fell above the knees. I can only assume that the model on the envelope was quite petite.

See images below:

Style Notes:

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Simplicity 2588 Project Runway Pattern - The "Joan" Dress

This dress had been something I wanted to try for a long time. Having been my favourite of the many gorgeous dresses worn by Christina Hendricks (Joan Holloway) on Mad Men I knew I had to create my own version. The question was which pattern would help me to create this. I eventually settled on Simplicity 2588 because the thick yoke band gave me a chance to create the contrast panel and tie needed. 

I drafted my own tie pieces and sewed them to the inside of the yoke facing. I had considered just sewing them in place like many other replica's I'd seen, but I rather preferred the authenticity of a functional tie! I also put the pink satin yoke around the back as well as I wasn't fond of the way it stopped at the shoulder seams on the original. Other changes to the original were as a result of the pattern used and my unwillingness to make the job needlessly difficult (eg. used cap-sleeves instead of elbow length, and skirt had front pleats instead of darts) I also fully lined the dress and used an invisible zipper.

I used an "Eggplant" purple panama suiting for the dress, with fuchsia satin for the yoke and tie. I used black acetate bemsilk for the lining. I finished the dress with a small round silver pin, yet misplaced it at the time of photographing, so had to make do with a button that was just a wee bit small!

As I laid out my fabric to be cut, I had a feeling I was being watched... (spot the kitty!)

Drafting tie pieces:

Assembling yoke:

Bodice mid-construction:

Finished product:

Functional neck tie as per the original:

It also turns out to be the same dress used for the official Joan Mad Men Barbie doll!

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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Simplicity 1609 Vintage Jiffy Dress #2

So last post, I mentioned the inspiration for my next take on Simplicity 1609. You can see my first version here

This turned out exactly how I pictured it, so I'm very happy! The best part about this pattern is how well it fits me straight out of the envelope. Those french darts are so flattering! 

This time, I made the dress in a panama suiting fabric. I fully lined the dress, and made the variation with the bow. I made the bow in a contrast cream fabric, and chose not to fold it underneath as instructed.

 The 60's 'Mod' pose

That large bow is amaze!

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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Seeking Sewing Inspiration: Ted Baker

When it comes to finding inspiration for sewing projects, I often look to my favourite labels. If it's something I love enough and consider it truly unique (exclusive print/complex design) I will outright buy it. But often, I have epiphany's of all manner of creative ways I could interpret the design for myself, and pick and choose which elements I like and then start calculating how I could create the look I want. My favourite labels including Ted, and Australian-based Alannah Hill and Review feature one thing in common, significant attention to detail and modern interpretations of vintage styles.

Each have had an impact on something I have sewn, whether it be a colour, a fabric or embellishment. However the recent obsession with Ted has began mostly due to frequenting the stores at any chance when I was in London, and the fortunate opening of a boutique in my capital city. As Ted's online store does not ship to Australia this has opened up the doors for me. Unlike the obvious exaggerated embellishment of Alannah Hill, or blatant retro-inspired styles of Review, Ted's attention to detail is subtle. The label's designs are clean, and deceptively simple. With features such as engraved buttons with branding etc. PLUS, adorable punny quotes and comments on the labels of their products. Eg. The inside of my phone case says "Consider yourself protected" Adorbs!! 

But my current inspiration is for a monochrome bow shift dress inspired by both of these 60's-esque Ted Baker styles:

Top: Ted Baker Josa Bow Detail Dress
Bottom: Ted Baker Temberl Beaded Bow Tunic

I intend to use Simplicity 1609 (again)  a 1960's Jiffy pattern, featuring the bow this time.

Stay tuned to see the results!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

New Look 6184 - Fitted Sheath Dress

I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it! I loved how it was such a classic, flattering cut which could be used to show off some amazing prints! 

Sherbie wanted to be in the picture too!

This dress was unlined, but I like lining to make the inside finished beautifully and slip on easily.
I used an Italian static-free viscose/poly lining and a black and white rose print cotton poplin for the dress. To line, I simply omitted the facings and cut the dress pieces out of the lining. I always make the lining of a dress first because it is a cheaper fabric and serves as a muslin/toile should I need to alter anything. Luckily this baby fit right out of the packet. I cut a 14.

 Cutting out the lining...

Love that square neckline and the pleats!

 I'm always scared to cut into pretty new fabric!!!

 Narrow hem for vent. This dress didn't really need a vent, but I'm still glad to have it there in case I need to run :p

 Thane came to roll on my dress pieces... clearly there wasn't enough cat hair on there for his liking!

Overly-affectionate cat making my sewing harder...

Using the AMAZING wash-away wonder tape to position my invisible zipper!

 He also helped apply the zipper by chasing after and grabbing the zipper tape! tsk tsk

LOVE my invisible zipper foot!! 


Blind hemming goodness!

 All purdy and neat on the inside too!!!

Ta Da! Styled this baby with a hot pink patent belt as I LOVE pink with black and white.


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Alyce xx