Saturday, 19 July 2014

New Look 6184 - Fitted Sheath Dress

I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it! I loved how it was such a classic, flattering cut which could be used to show off some amazing prints! 

Sherbie wanted to be in the picture too!

This dress was unlined, but I like lining to make the inside finished beautifully and slip on easily.
I used an Italian static-free viscose/poly lining and a black and white rose print cotton poplin for the dress. To line, I simply omitted the facings and cut the dress pieces out of the lining. I always make the lining of a dress first because it is a cheaper fabric and serves as a muslin/toile should I need to alter anything. Luckily this baby fit right out of the packet. I cut a 14.

 Cutting out the lining...

Love that square neckline and the pleats!

 I'm always scared to cut into pretty new fabric!!!

 Narrow hem for vent. This dress didn't really need a vent, but I'm still glad to have it there in case I need to run :p

 Thane came to roll on my dress pieces... clearly there wasn't enough cat hair on there for his liking!

Overly-affectionate cat making my sewing harder...

Using the AMAZING wash-away wonder tape to position my invisible zipper!

 He also helped apply the zipper by chasing after and grabbing the zipper tape! tsk tsk

LOVE my invisible zipper foot!! 


Blind hemming goodness!

 All purdy and neat on the inside too!!!

Ta Da! Styled this baby with a hot pink patent belt as I LOVE pink with black and white.


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Alyce xx