Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Simplicity 2588 Project Runway Pattern - The "Joan" Dress

This dress had been something I wanted to try for a long time. Having been my favourite of the many gorgeous dresses worn by Christina Hendricks (Joan Holloway) on Mad Men I knew I had to create my own version. The question was which pattern would help me to create this. I eventually settled on Simplicity 2588 because the thick yoke band gave me a chance to create the contrast panel and tie needed. 

I drafted my own tie pieces and sewed them to the inside of the yoke facing. I had considered just sewing them in place like many other replica's I'd seen, but I rather preferred the authenticity of a functional tie! I also put the pink satin yoke around the back as well as I wasn't fond of the way it stopped at the shoulder seams on the original. Other changes to the original were as a result of the pattern used and my unwillingness to make the job needlessly difficult (eg. used cap-sleeves instead of elbow length, and skirt had front pleats instead of darts) I also fully lined the dress and used an invisible zipper.

I used an "Eggplant" purple panama suiting for the dress, with fuchsia satin for the yoke and tie. I used black acetate bemsilk for the lining. I finished the dress with a small round silver pin, yet misplaced it at the time of photographing, so had to make do with a button that was just a wee bit small!

As I laid out my fabric to be cut, I had a feeling I was being watched... (spot the kitty!)

Drafting tie pieces:

Assembling yoke:

Bodice mid-construction:

Finished product:

Functional neck tie as per the original:

It also turns out to be the same dress used for the official Joan Mad Men Barbie doll!

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