Monday, 22 June 2015

Frankenpattern (Simplicity 1803, 1650 and New Look 6808) Black Embroidered Taffeta Dress

Greetings Sewing Enthusiasts!

This is probably my favourite grment I have made so far.

I've been enamored by Simplicity 1803 for a long time - that square neckine. I loved it, complete with notch. The gorgeous scoop back. It's just a really gorgeous bodice. 

I did NOT, however, love the little ruffled cap sleeves. There was something about them which just turned me right off. After seeing another member on StacyAN sew this dress using the sleeves from New Look 6808, I thought it looked just beautiful and definitely wanted to give it a try myself. I thought I'd use a back embroidered taffeta from my stash, and opted to cut a straight skirt using Simplicity 1650 to show off the lovely embroidery. 

Square neckline from        Straight Skirt from        Cap Sleeves from 
Simplicity 1803                  Simplicity 1650                New Look 6808

I fully lined the dress using an Italian anti-static lining. This dress went together quite easily and I couldn't be more thrilled with how it turned out. I absolutely love wearing it.

Some of the images show the embroidery on the taffeta better than others.

The notches are even, but one side is just leaning on my chest here...

Sherbie was twirling around during photos so I thought I'd include her! After all, the best fashion accessory IS a cat! :3

Thank you for looking!
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