Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Vogue 1329 Kay Unger Colour Block Dress

Why am I being so boring?!?!?! I'm usually very creative with my fabric colour choices, now this is the SECOND dress I've made using the same colour scheme as the pattern envelope! 

This is Vogue 1329 by designer Kay Unger. I fell in love with the simple colour blocking and soft pleating. 

Line Art
It would appear that most other people who have made this pattern (at least those who have posted about it online) used a ponte knit to make it. I'm not a huge fan of the limited longevity of some knits (pilling/warping etc) so I thought I'd try something different. I was going to use my staple Panama Suiting fabric, but I was unable to find any white which was an "off-white" and I didn't want to use a "stark-white" so I opted for a crepe de chine for both the black and white contrast. 

Now, this is a fairly light-weight fabric so I knew that I may get different results from using this. I also interfaced the white pieces of the crepe de chine to help give a little more structure and more opacity. 
I lined dress so that each piece was mirrored with pongee lining in a corresponding colour. 

The instructions for inserting the lining were needlessly complicated, so I just inserted it as if it were a one piece facing. Gives a neater finish and requires no hand sewing. 

Overall, I am happy with the result, but I believe a sturdier fabric would have yielded better results. 

I accesorised the dress with a black and silver starburst brooch.

In the pictures the hem appears asymmetrical, however it was just hitched up on one side a bit and I didn't notice until after the photos were taken. The hem line is actually even. 

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